• Online application,  reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

• 2-3 minute performance video. We recommend strong technical work (from a class or performance), phrase-work in the center and across the floor, improvisation to close.


Scholarships are available to dancers attending at least three weeks of the Advanced Training Program. If applying for a scholarship you must fill out the online application below, scan and email back the following information, write '2022 Scholarship' in the subject line:

- Proof of income

- Current signed and dated income tax return and schedules

- Short resume or bio highlighting 3 years of dance experience

- Professional letter of recommendation


Updated Deadlines

• November 1, 2021
Application opens. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, first-come, first-served.

• January 1, 2022 Early Bird deadline.

• February 15, 2022
Scholarship application deadline.

• June 1, 2022
A €500 deposit is due. This deposit is non-refundable except in the case the program must be canceled due to pandemic restrictions.

• June 30, 2022
The remaining tuition balance is due. Application closes.

Additional Info

• All Lucca participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements. 

• All participants must have full, comprehensive, up-to-date medical insurance coverage for the duration of the program including time spent traveling to and from Dance Italia.

• Dance Italia reserves the right to change the teaching/artist roster in the event of illness or any other unavoidable cause. 

• Dance Italia reserves the right to cancel the program in the case of accident, illness or any other reason beyond reasonable control.

• All applicants agree to comply with the policies, rules & regulations made for the safe, efficient and orderly conduct of the program. 

• All applicants must abide by the laws of the host country.




Dance Italia
2021 Application

Lucca Program
Application opens November 1

Note: Required €25 application fee. Please be sure to complete entirely & to press submit located at the bottom of the document.


Payment via Venmo:
Scan QR code or click HERE and send payment to


or by check to:
Dance Italia c/o Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup
468 Riverside Drive #24
New York, NY 10027

Permanent Address
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Parent/Guardian Address
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Add a 2-3 minute recent video sample (within the last year) as a video link below, (include required passwords). Make sure the recording is clear enough to evaluate your skills, including uptempo movement with quick weight shifts and directional changes. Be sure to identify yourself if you are not the only dancer.
If your video requires a password to view, please include it below.
Please use this space to tell us a little bit more about yourself, your dance training and experience. (500 Character limit)
Add a link to your headshot below.
Please tell us about any health concerns or allergies that may be of concern while attending Dance Italia.
Liability Agreement
I understand that Dance Italia, its faculty, staff members and acting agents are not responsible for the loss or damage of all and any personal property while in attendance at the Workshop.
Injury Release
I understand that there are risks of physical injury associated with, arising out of and inherent to the activity of dance. In recognition of this acknowledged risk of injury, I knowingly and voluntarily waive all right and/ or causes of action of any kind, including any and all claims of negligence arising as a result of such activity from which liability could accrue to Dance Italia, it’s officers, agents, employees, instructors, subsidiaries, and all affiliated entities.
Refund Policy
Lucca programs: I understand that if the program is canceled due to COVID pandemic restrictions, I will receive a full refund of my $500 deposit and tuition balance payments. *Please note that this deposit (due March 15, 2022) is refundable only if we are forced to cancel our program. After June 1, 2022, 25% of the remaining tuition fee will be refunded for medical reasons only and must be verified with medical documentation. No refunds will be given after the Workshop has begun for any reason. Refunds will be issued after September 15th to only the individual who made the original payment. NYC workshop: I understand that tuition is non-refundable after December 15, 2021, 50% refundable for medical reasons with a doctor's note until December 15, 2021.
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