Kidd Pivot



Advanced Training


A 5-day Kidd Pivot Repertoire and Improvisation Workshop led by Master teacher, Sandra Marin Garcia. Participants will learn from Pite’s improvisational tools and techniques as well as choreography.

Integrating movement, original music, text, and rich visual design, Kidd Pivot’s work is assembled with recklessness and rigour, balancing sharp exactitude with irreverence and risk. Under the direction of internationally renowned Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite, the company’s distinct choreographic language – a breadth of movement fusing classical elements and the complexity and freedom of structured improvisation – is marked by a strong theatrical sensibility and a keen sense of wit and invention.

Crystal Pite has collaborated with celebrated dance artists, theatre companies and filmmakers in Canada, Europe, and the United States. Her work and company have been recognized with numerous awards and commissions.